Hakata Motsu Nabe (Shoyu) (SS-403)
Hakata Motsu Nabe (Shoyu)  (SS-403)

Hakata Motsu Nabe (Shoyu) (SS-403)

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[Delivery information] *The order cannot be cancelled due to the product being fresh produce. *Please input date and time you would like us to deliver your order on “Comments” field under your address on checkout page. - Date – please input the date from after 1 week from the order date - Time – please input morning, afternoon, or night Please check below for the explanation with screenshot. http://www.eatingjapan.com/#id30 ---------------------------------------------------------- Motsunabe is the type of nabe in Japanese cuisine, stew with cabbage, leek and chili pepper. Beef Offal is called "motsu" in Japanese. The soup is made from soy sauce with garlic and chili pepper. Champon noodle are often put into the pot to complete the dish. -Content Amount : Beef Offal 300g、Champon noodle 180g, Soup 85g×3、Chili Pepper 1 bag, Sliced garlic 1 bag. 3-4 servings. -Expiration date : 90 days from date of shipment frozen -Shipping method : Frozen Service -How to cook : http://www.eatingjapan.com/pdf/Motsunabe.pdf